On this page you’ll find info about:

  1. Preschool Pre-Piano Lessons
  2. Beginning Piano Lessons

Preschool Pre-Piano Lessons

(Ages 3½ – 5)

Using the WunderKeys Piano for Preschool method, students develop keyboard awareness, rhythmic understanding, and the basic piano skills that will set them up for future piano success.


Do we need a piano or keyboard at home? No, pre-piano lessons do not require a piano or keyboard at home. There is no homework or home practice.

Are there performances? No, preschool pre-piano students do not have any recitals or performances. At this young age, I offer students a pressure-free experience.

How much does it cost? Preschool pre-piano lessons are offered in 10-week sessions. You may pay for the entire session in advance ($240) or pay $25/weekly, + a $25 materials fee.

What happens when I finish a 10-week session? There are 3 different sessions available in the curriculum I use. You may choose to enroll in a second or third session. After a child completes all 3 sessions, he or she is eligible to enroll in weekly beginning piano lessons (see info below) or continue pre-piano lessons with a second curriculum (at teacher discretion).

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Beginning Piano Lessons

(Ages Kindergarten and Older)

Piano lessons are scheduled weekly throughout the school year. Optional summer lessons are on a flexible schedule.

Students receive customized piano instruction, which includes note reading, technique, theory, ear training, and repertoire. Additional instruction in music history and music appreciation is available upon request (for an additional fee) on a weekly or monthly basis.

I choose curriculum based on your child’s age, ability, and interest. Here are the curriculums I use most often:


Does my child need a piano or keyboard at home? Yes, in order to make progress in piano lessons, a child does need a home piano or keyboard. I understand that purchasing an instrument is a big commitment, and I am happy to help you make decisions on what kind of piano or keyboard to purchase. I am happy to do lessons without a home instrument for up to two months, but after that, a home instrument is crucial for practice and progress.

Are there performance opportunities? Yes! Depending on how many students I currently have I will either hold my own recital at a local venue or my students will play in my mother’s piano studio’s annual recital (usually in May). Recitals are optional, but encouraged. There is no charge for recitals.

Do your students participate in piano exams (ABRSM, RC)? No, my focus is teaching students who are not looking to participate in piano exams or competitions. My goal is to foster a love of music in young students and to give them a general piano foundation. My background and experience are not a good fit for students seeking to be competitive or elite musicians.

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