2024-25 Tuition

Preschool Pre-Piano Lessons (Ages 4-6)

Each preschool pre-piano lesson session lasts a total of 6 weeks. Each lesson lasts 20-30 minutes. (The first 2-3 lessons may be on the shorter side). Tuition is payable each week or you may pay the full six weeks in advance. All materials are included with preschool pre-piano lesson tuition. Prices are as follows:

  • $30 / week for one child
  • $50 / week for buddy lessons (2 children per lesson)
  • $170 for 6 weeks paid in advance, one child
  • $285 for 6 weeks paid in advance for buddy lessons (2 children)

Beginning Piano Lessons (1st Grade and Up)

Beginning piano lessons are scheduled weekly throughout the school year. Prices are as follows:

  • $30 / lesson, paid weekly
  • $285 for 10 weeks, paid in advance

Materials Fee & Books

A materials fee of $25 / family is due when a student first enrolls in beginning piano lessons and then in August of every year. Students who enroll after August will be charged a pro-rated materials fee. The materials fee covers the supplemental materials I use during lessons (games, flashcards, manipulative, etc.).

The materials fee does not include the cost of books. Books are purchased separately, as needed. The price of books varies according to curriculum, age, and ability. Parents can expect to spend about $35-75 each year (per student) on books.


I offer a $2 / week discount for siblings who take back-to-back lessons, active-duty military families, active-duty first responders, clergy family, and full-time educators. One discount per family. Discounts are not offered for preschool pre-piano lessons.

Payment Methods

I accept cash, check, Venmo, and Zelle. There is a $35 charge for any returned checks. I reserve the right to refuse check payments in the event of repeated bounced checks.